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[Tutorial] Jailbreak iPhone / iTouch / iPad 4.2.1 iOS with GreenPois0n

March 1, 2011 Leave a comment

here’s a quick tutorial to jailbreak your iDevice in 4.2.1:

I recommend you restore your iPhone / iTouch / iPad before jailbreak. but normally it will work as well without.

download GreenPois0n for your platform:

– Mac (RC5 B3)

– Windows (RC5 B2)

Start GreenPois0n:

Now connect your iPhone / iTouch / iPad, then turn it off. Click “Jailreak” ,GreenPois0n will guide you to move your iPhone / iTouch / iPad in DFU Mode

Press the standby button and hold it:

While holding the standby button, press the home button and hold it too:

Release the standby button and keep pressing the home button:

After a few seconds, the jailbreak will start. You can release the home button and wait:

Once completed, a new application is available on your iPhone / iTouch / iPad “Loader”. Run it and install Cydia (watch what the iPhone does not go into standby):

You have to remove the application “Loader” on your iPhone (Options> Delete and then quit the application).